Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Top 5 Staple Makeup Products!

Hey you!!

Well, Christmas has passed by, and that usually means that we got some money as a stocking stuffer (am I right?).

Which means this is a great time to stock up on our staple products!! At least that's what I do!!
Am I the only one?? Hopefully not...

So I decided to make this post because some of you may be new to makeup and need some tips on what products to get, or you can just be curious about my most basic products!!

So here they are:

1. MAC Select Cover-Up

The first thing I think everyone should have is a good concealer! There are times when I leave my house with nothing else but concealer under my eyes (when I'm just running errands near my house, per example). It instantly changes your face, it makes you look less tired and dull.
Even if you're not the makeup type, applying a bit of concealer on dark circles and blemishes will completely change your look, make you look healthier and it only takes 2 minutes!
As this is the most basic product for me, it's a product I like to invest in. And to me, MAC's Select Cover-Up is the best one I've tried, so I don't mind splurging a bit.
If you want a cheaper option, Mayblline's DreamLumi Touch is pretty good!

2. Maybelline - One by One

This is my second most basic product! Mascara makes your eyes pop and makes you seem more awake in no time! It's so simple, yet makes such a difference!
My favorites are Maybelline's One by One and The Rocket! To be honest, Maybelline has the best mascaras! They not expensive at all, and they're so good! No need to spend a lot of money for quality! Perfection!!!!

3. Essence - Eyebrow Stylist Set

Yep, that's right! I'll be fully honest with you, a year ago I did not care for eyebrows at all!! Like, AT ALL!
But I heard sooo many people say it was such a huge deal, I decided to see it for myself! So I got this Eyebrow Stylist Set from Essence and started playing around with it! My first times... not good! But I got the hang of it and now I'll almost never leave my house without my brow game on!!

4. Maybelline - Baby Lips

You gotta have something for your lips! And since it's a basic, I feel like something very moisturizing and with some color would be the right choice!
So I feel like Maybelline's Baby Lips are a really good staple to have on you makeup collection! They're pretty inexpensive, and really good! My favorite one's are Cherry Me and Peach Kiss.

5. Essence - Vampire's Love Blush Gelee

First of all, I wanna say I'm super sorry cause I know this is a limited edition product that you probably won't be able to get anymore!
Knowing that, I chose this product because of the simple fact that I do use it almost every single day!
The product is super easy to apply (just rub a bit on two fingers and apply with patting motions on the apple's of your cheeks) and it gives you the slightest, most soft blush look! I love it!
If you can find a dupe for this Essence Blush Gelee, pleeeeeease let me know! I won't know what to do when mine ends!!

Ok guys, I hope you enjoyed this post!!

What's the one makeup product you can't live without?
Let me know in the comments below!

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