Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring - Summer Dresses!

One of the pieces I'm most looking forward to buy for Spring - Summer season are the dresses, couse they're one of my favourites things to wear when the flowers start to bloom and the sun is super hot!!

Here are some of my favourite pics and trens for 2012 Spring - Summer:

One of the trends that t's going to be back from last year's Spring - Summer are the maxi dresses, that this year reborn with the vibrant colours that are so in. A good exemple is this Forever 21 dress:

It's long and flowy and it has two of the most in colours of this Spring - Summer season: the orange and the coral.

Another trend that has been arownd all year and will be reborn this season is the lace, now being used in very bright colours, running a little bit away from the ordinary black and white. A great exemple of this trend is this dress, also from Forever 21:

 Your ordinary lace detailed dress is here reinvented with a vibrant blue colour, wich makes it look very Spring time appropriate.

Another very strong trend for this new season is the RED! Bright red, dark red.....RED!! And mixed with other  trends it's the!! A very good exemple is another Forever 21 dress:

 It brings togheter two amazing trends: bright red and ruffles!! Perfect for a Summer date ;-D

Going back to the lace trend, here's a more classic way of wearing lace, from American Eagle:

The white and the lace make this dress super Spring - Summery. Perfect for those days when you wanna dress youself up!

Now a trend that was huge last Spring - Summer and this year is coming back strong: Nautical!! Here's a fantastic Forever 21 dress that shows it all:

With two shades of blue, a very nautical look and showing shoulders (another HUGE trend this year!). An amazing choose for a pool party!!

Other "here to stay" trend that's been up for long now are...SEQUINS! Here's another super pretty Forever 21 dress:

It's vibrant, it's pink and it's very Summery!! Perfect for a GNO, don't you think? ;-)

Now this is a dress I saw in a video and felt in love with!! It puts togheter many trends and it's very flattering. It's from Amiclubwear:

So has I said before, this is an amazing dress that puts togheter some of the strongest trends: the colours tangerine and fuchsia, the bandage dress, the stripes and the bare shoulder! I'm in love with this dress!! It's probably my favourite one!! <3

Last but not least here's another Forever 21 dress that puts togheter three of my favourite trends (one that I haven't mentioned yet couse I wanted to leave it for last, to end big!): the maxi dress, he nautical style and the PASTEL COULOURS!!

 Pastel colours are probably my favourite trend this year (along with he bare shoulders and the lace) and I think that this dress creates an amazing combination between them and the nautical style, all combined in this very pretty maxi dress!

Ok so those are all the dresses I have for you guys today, although there are many others to choose from!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and, agin, I'm very sory I've been away for so long!

Comment below twlling me your favourite dress pics for this years Spring - Summer season (link them so I can check them out!).

If you want, you can contact me on my twitter ( @Ella9999 -!/Ella9999 ).

Ok so I guess that's it!!

I love you guys :-D

Hearts Hugs and Kisses

With love,
Ella <3

I'm so sorry guys!

I know I don't  post anything for a long time and I'm very sorry but school and my extra activities thave been taking me all the time.

I know this is no excuse but I' still very sorry and I'll try to do more posts (at least one a week).

Thank you for your understanding.

Hearts Hugs and Kisses

With love,
 Ella <3

Friday, February 3, 2012

Colour Yourself: Put on some Purple!

Today I woke up in the morning and I couldn't decide what to wear (as always!!). Then I spotted my purple jeans and I was like "THERE!".

I know this sounds very wierd but that's what inspired me to do a post on one of my favourite colours: PURPLE!!

There are lots of shades of puple, you have the darker ones, the lighter....

It's a great colour to have in your wardrobe all year becouse it fits in every season!! You can wear it in summer, probably lighter shades of puple, and give your outfit a fun look or you can wear a darker shade on winter, which darkens your look up but it still makes it fun!!

Here's some fun purple pieces of clothing:

This dress has a very feminine cut, and that detail on the shoulder makes it very romantic. Perfect for a date ;-)

This is a very flowing top with a very fun texture that's perfect for your rocking everyday outfits!

This is another very fun top that will make your spring/summer outfits shine and leave evryone open mouthed!

This is an AMAZING pair of denim jeans! They are fun and bold but still casual!! I'm in love with them!

Now into accessories, this is a very pretty, fiminine and "vintagy" pair of earing that will make your make your look very romantic!! A perfect pair to use with the dress I showed in the beginning ;-)

All the things above are from Forever 21.

Ok! Now here's the shoes! This one is an amazing shoe for a party outfit or a bold detail on an everyday outfit! It's from Steve Madden and it's called KYRAA.

This are another very versatile pair that will glam up your looks! It's also from Steve Madden and it's called BEASST.

Last but not least MAKE UP!! For lips, this is one of my personal favourite bold lip colours (sory about the quality of the photo, had to take one myself), it's MAC's Rebel lipstick. It's very bold but if you are willing to dare that much, go for it! If you want to wear it but not on a everyday basis, just wear it to any party (which is what I do!) :-D

For eyeshadow (sory about the picture again but I couldn't find a better one do I had to use mine!) I love Heapcat by MAC. It's a very pretty and pigmented eyeshadow and it looks amazing! I good tip to give your everyday looks a little bit more if boldness is taking a coloured eyeshadow, like this one, and use it in your bottom lash line to give it some colour!

Ok so there's some ideas on how you can turn your puple obsession into the best fashion and beauty trend ever!! ;-)

Comment telling me what othe colour I should make a post on!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I know I've been away for a while but I'm still full of tests and it's very hard to get a hold of everything, but I promise I'll make it up to you guys ;-D

Hearts Hugs and Kisses

With love,
Ella <3