Monday, April 23, 2012

Prom Shoes!

Hey guys!

This is going to be my second "Prom series" post!

And it's going to be all about my biggest obcession... SHOES!!

I also separated them in categories: flats, wedges, low heels and high heels. Each category has 5 pairs!

Let's start!

First, the Flats:

Don't think that just becouse it is Prom, you have to go for heels! Flats can be original and classy too!
The first option (from Steve Madden) is the very neutral black leather ballet flat with a fun detail that makes it very original:

The second option is a very simple and girly pair ballet flats, perfect for those very feminine and sweet girls! From Forever21:

The 3rd pair is another very girly one, but with a daring touch to it! From Steve Madden:

This pair is for those girls who love to have their shoes in the spotlight!! Also from Steve Madden:

The last pair of this category is different from all the others! It's one of my favourite kinds of shoes: Oxfords! Plus, is in a very girly and original colour! From Aldo:

Now, into Wedges:
Wedges are a great way to wear heels but still be compeletly comfortable! And, just becouse it's not a killer heel, it doesn't mean that it isn't a killer shoe!! A great example of that are this amazing shoes from Aldo:

Now, this pair is for the girls who like to go simple but still have some edge or for the girls who want the dress to be the main focus of the night! From Forever21:

This pair is also a neutral with some pretty details (that make it good for night and day time!). Also from Forever21:

Now these shoes are for the girls who are not afraid to mix the coulours!! Very daring a pretty. From Steve Madden:

The last pair of this category is an amazing pair of "oriental inspired" wedges! From Aldo:

Low heels:

These first shoes are a very simple pair with a vibrant colour! Beautiful, simple yet feminine. From Aldo:

The second pair are also very simple shoes but with a beautiful and "Springy" vibrant colour! Again, very feminine. Also from Aldo:

The 3rd pair is for the girls who love to sparkle! From Steve Madden:

This pair of shoes is for the retro lover! Beautiful, feminine and lovely! From Forever21:

The last pair is for the girls who love to dare!! Super girly and sexy! For the ones who want their shoes to stand out in the crowd! Also from Forever21:

High Heels:
Now the kiler heels!! The first pair is your standard black pump with a fun and feminine detail on the back! From Aldo:

The second pair is for the girls who love shiny gold!! From Aldo:

Now into colour! These gorgeous purple pumps are perfect for the girly girls who love colour! From Aldo (also):

These shoes are for the girly and daring girls out there!! Lovely, original and feminine! From Steve Madden:

The last pair is for the feminine, sexy and classy girls who wanna look like they're walking on a Red Carpet! From Aldo:

Ok, so those where some of my ideas and suggestions for Prom shoes!!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Stay tuned to my following "Prom series" posts and tell me in the comments which shoes you would love to take to your Prom!

Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

With love,
Ella <3


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