Monday, January 23, 2012

Product Review

Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing Essene's Mono Eyeshadows.

They are super cheap and unexpectedly pigmented!!

I have them in 3 colours:

Black Godness


Party All Night

I love all of them and they are really good quality!!

Most Essence products are really good and super unexpensive! If you've never checked them out, you should becouse they're really great! :-D

Ok, so (now off subject) I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm getting into test time right now (those weeks when you have like a test everyday!!) and it's a little hard for me to regularly post things, so I'm really sory if I don't do at least one post everyday, but I'll still try to keep it up!!

So I hope you enjoyed this post!

Comment telling me what products I showld try out and review to you guys!

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Ok well, bye guys!!

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Ella <3

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today's Fashion Trend...


They have been a huge trens for the past two seasons and it doesn't look like it's going out of fashion!!

They´re perfect if you want to give a little bit of an edge to an everyday outfitl or create a super glittery night outfit!!

You can see them in accessories, like belts, bracelets, bags...... or in pices of clothing, like skirts, tops, vest and much more!!

Here are some exemples:

To a GNO full of glamour, here's a fun twist on you ordinary LBD!

For a party or for those really daring girls that aren't afraid to go all the way on their everyday outfits:

To give your everyday clothes a all lot of edge:

For the nest new year's eve?? :

To make you stand out in the crowd:

For that special party:

Lots of our favourite stars are rocking the trend with all the glamour that they have!! Here are some of them:

Here's Zendaya Coleman from Shake It Up rocking her sequined top! And how she rocks it!!

Now here's Selena Gomez on one of her many EMA's outfits, with this amazing full sequined outfit!! Perfect for stage!

Here's Miley on a really old photo showing that she knew that sequins will be trending soon!!

This looks like a trend that's not going anywhere, any time soon! So go get you some sequins, rock them and shine everywhere you go!!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!
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Ella <3

Friday, January 20, 2012

Best winter lip combination EVER!

So, as you all probably already know, every year  MAC comes out with the holiday collections.

This year, the collection was called Glitter and Ice, and among others, it had this sets called Lip Bags that came with a lipstick, a lip gloss and a lip linner.

I got one of them, called Sultry.

It came with a lipstick in I Love winter, a cremesheen glass called Deelight and with a mini lip pencil in Boldly Bare.

I've been wearing this lip combnation since I got it and I'm in LOVE with it!
It's perfect for a super wintery everyday look that looks good on anyone!!

Hope you guys liked it!
Comment bellow telling me your favourite lip combo for this winter!

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Ella <3

Best winter lipsticks!

Personally, I love to make my lips stand out everytime I do my makeup!

I also love smokey eyes, but a good bold lip is always perfect!!

And winter is the perfect season for that, couse bold lips are super trending in this time of the year!

So here are some of the best lipsticks I found this winter:

MAC's lipstick in On Hold

MAC's lipstick in Brave Red

MAC's lipstick in New York Apple

MAC's lipstick in Chili

MAC's lipstick in Hot Hot Gossip

Essence's lipstick in Faitytale

Hope you all enjoyed this!!
Comment telling me your favourite winter lipsticks!

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Ella <3

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today's Fashion Trend...


This tipe of shoes has been trending for lots of season and this trend doesn't look like's going anywhere!

They came in all forms and ways possible!! Heels, flats, weedges......There's one pair for every girl! Go get you some Oxfords!! (if you don't have ones already!!)

Here're some options:

To the edgy ones: from Forever 21.

To the classic ones: from American Eagle.

To the most daring ones: from Urban Outfitters.

To the one who loves to shine: from TopShop.

To the romantic ones: from Forever21

Find your perfect pair and ROCK YOUR OXFORD :-D

Ok, that's all for this post!! Hope you liked it!

Comment bellow telling some of your favourite trends of the season!

Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

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Ella <3

Monday, January 16, 2012

Best winter nail polishes

Winter can be a really fun season!!

The cold weather, the hot cocoa,  Christmas...

And all the amazing fashion and makeup trends that are typical of this time of the year!

One of these trends, and one of my favourite ones, is the dark nail polis trend!

So here is some of the hottest nail polishes of this season:

OPI's nail polis in Got The Blues For Red.

OPI''s nail polish in Black Onyx.

OPI's nail polish in Road House Blues.

OPI's nail polish in Pamplona Purple.

OPI's nail polish in Suzi Loves Cowboys.

Essence's nail polish in Gold Old Buffy (from theVampire's Love collection).

And the lattest trens on nail polishes: the Cracking nail polishes!!

Essence's Cracking nail polis in Crack Me Black.

Ok guys, that's it! Those are the best winter Nail Polishes for 2011/2012!!

Hope you all enjoyed the article!

Comment telling me what other winter nail polishes you love and you think I should try out!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Product Review

Hey guys!!

Today I'm gonna be doing a review on Maybelline's One by One mascara.

This is by far my favourite mascara ever!!

It gives you lashes the perfect length and it's super workable!

It gives a lot of volume to your lashes and, like the name says, it separates them, something that my previous favourite mascara, L'Oreal telescopic, which I still love, didn't do.

On a overall look, it's an amazing mascara and it's also pretty inexpensive, which makes it even better!!

Hope you guys liked this post.

Comment bellow telling me what's your favourite mascara and what other products I showld try out and review to you guys!

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Hello Beauty Girls and Fashionistas!!

I'm Ella and this is my new blog that's going to be all about fashion and beauty.

Please leave comments saying what would you like me to write about, what products you want me to review, what looks you want me to do... just so I know what you guys want me to write about!

Hope you all like this and have as much fun reading my post as I have when I'm writting them :-D

Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

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