Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve Outfits!

Hey guys!!

It's New Year's Eve!!!!!

I can't believe another year has passed by... So many things happened in 2014! And I'm sure 2015 will be even better!!

And to welcome the new year, I decided to show you some ideas for outfits to celebrate in:

Just because you'll be celebrating in your house, in no way it means you have to look full on slouchy!!
Leggings are a comfy option, and if they're faux leather it'll add a really cool edgy vibe, and paired with a nice warm sweater it'll look great and still be very cozy!! Since you're at home, some cute fuzzy socks and slippers are a must!! And for accessories, since you just in your house you don't really need them, but a good watch is always a nice idea!! And why not change your phone case? It's a fashion accessory after all!!!

If you're going a family gathering or some place where you want to look specially good, but not go over the top, this look is for you!! A nice velvet skirt will immediately make you look chic! And since it's such a bold piece, I toned down the other items: a simple black long sleeved shirt, a black faux leather vest for some edge, booties and simple accessories. To finish of, some red lips and red bag will tie it all together!!
(Btw, I didn't add it in the picture, but some black tights are a must if it's cold where you live!)

For my full on 1000 bucks outfit idea, I chose this super adorable dress!! It's pink and feminine, yet the top has a faux leather material which give it some edge!! Then, the tights add a very much needed pattern to the look, and the shoes maintain the chic factor. For some warmth, I chose a really stylish and elegant coat that I feel like complement the outfit really well! The heart necklace adds to the femininity of the look, and the bold dragon earring adds to the edge (I love to mix!!). I would go for some smokey eyes and nude pink lips when it comes to the makeup, because I feel like it would finish the entire look very well.

I made this Set's on Polyvore, so you can go to my account to see where the items are from!!

Well guys, that was it for this post!

Btw, if you still want more, check It's a Fashionable Life! I made a post there about New Year's staple products that will make your night much easier!!

Today's question is: what are you wearing today? And what are you doing?
Tell me in the comments!!

I hope you have a blast and that 2015 brings you and your loved ones lots of love and good moments!
Thank you guys for coming back to my blog every week! I love you <3

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