Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dress Like... Debby Ryan!

Am I the only one in love with Debby?

I love her voice, her acting skills, her personality, the way she always seems so mature and down to earth... and, of course, her fashion!

She has always a very classy, yet fun and original look to her. Edgy and flirty at night, sweet and comfy during the day!

So today I decided to do a post on how two get two of her looks: a casual look for the day, and a spicy look for the night.

Here they are:

Comfy and Cute

Her outfit in this picture is simple and classic, but really cute. She looks effortlessly beautiful, which is the look most girls try to get on an everyday basis. And does she look good on the top of the Empire State Building!

  • Start by finding the right neutral pair of pants, like these light camel ones from Tilly's.

  • Then, find a nice and pretty electric blue top with some simple but fun details. Try this one from Raxevsky, with a really fun back.

  • Now, find a nice dark brown leather jacket, like this one (Amazon.com).

  • Then, find some killer knee-high brown boots! Try these awesome boots I found in Amazon.com.

  • To finish off the look, all you need is a fun bohemian looking necklace! Try one of these (1st and 2nd - Forever21; 3rd - Boohoo.com; 4th and 5th - Vanessa Mooney).

And you're done!! Comfy, cute, simple and boho! Great look for school or a shopping day!

Let's go, GNO!

This is what I like to call a perfect outfit for a girl's night out! It's sexy and flirty, but still simple and elegant, with a grungy edge to it. Debby was wearing a long silver necklace and a yellow necklace, which gave the outfit a pop of color (really smart choice!).
She wore this outfit to her friend Victoria Justice's birthday party (btw, Victoria looks amazing on that dress!).

  • Start with the pants. Debby has these really flattering leather pants on. To achieve her look, try these from Asos.

  • For the top, she chose a very edgy looking graphic tee. We can find tons of these in every store! Try one of these (the 1st is from Urban Outfitters and the other ones are from Forever21).

  • For shoes, Debby has these really cute withe heeled sandals. I couldn't find ones exactly like the ones she has on, but I found these (Nelly.com) which are pretty similar. The only difference is that they have studs (I actually I like these better), so I figured it was ok.

  • To finish off the look, Debby has a red shoulder bag, a long chain silver necklace, a thick yellow necklace and a silver ring. The bag I found is from Target, the necklaces are both from Forever21 and the ring is also from Forever21.

And you're ready to have fun with your girls!!

And that was it for this post guys! Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for checking the blog!

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