Thursday, January 15, 2015

Color Yourself: Old But Gold!!

Hey hey hey!!

I haven't done one of my Color Yourself posts in a while, and I've been noticing this crazy trend that's taking over the fashion world, mostly when it comes to accessories and details: GOLD!!

Yes, that's right!! I see gold everywhere!! It's an plague!!!

So today I thought I'd show you some of my favorite fashion/beauty items that feature the most expensive of colors: Gold!


If you don't like to go all out, this shirt is a great option!! It's simple enough, and the gold gives it more edge!

Chic yet casual! Those are the words to describe this piece! Baggy, but super sophisticated!

For special occasion, this skirt is a great option!! The design is simple, but the gold just takes it to another level!

If you're more into the bodycon style, this skirt is perfect! I love the asymmetric touch!!

This jacket is sick!!! I'm so in love!! I might get it for myself...

If you have an important even, try this dress! It's gorgeous, isn't it?!?


For the everyday life, these oxfords with a gold toe-cap are a good way to stay in trend while looking casual!

If you're more into sneakers, try these with the gold accents!! The "shoelaces" are a gold chain!!!

Is it hot where you live?? Then these sandals are great!! And they're brown, for a change!!!

Party time? Put these bad boys into action!! Love love love!!!!!


Tribal inspired statement necklaces have been taking over everyone's necks lately!! Why not try this one??

The most ADORABLE earring I've ever seen!! Guys... it's an Unicorn!!!!!!

I love headpieces like this!! Even a messy bun looks chic with one on!! I really like the leaves on this one.
So so so pretty!

This bracelet is so precious!! I love accessories with wings. They're just so cute!!!!!!

Black white and gold!! This bag is the union of all the biggest color trends right now. Perfect!!


I've fallen in love with an eyeshadow pallet! The colors are all beautiful and the gold eyeshadow is super vibrant! Totally need it!

Gold eyeliner is a great way to amp up your eye makeup! For a subtle touch, add it on your inner corner. If you wanna go all out, do a winged liner with it!!

Use a gold highlighter for a fresh, bright and slightly tanned complexion!! Awesome!!

Well, that was it for today's Color Yourself!! 
Hope you enjoyed!!

What's your favorite gold item!!
Let me know in the comments!!

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