Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hey everyone!

So today I'm coming to you with a bit of bittersweet news.
I thought a lot about this and reached a conclusion that makes me half really exited, half pretty nostalgic.

You're probably already screaming at me to tell what it is, so I will: I've decided to stop posting in this blog.
And before you click the little cross up there, wait a sec!! I'm not going to stop blogging! And I'm not going to stop blogging about fashion and beauty.

As you may know, me and my best friend Cate created a blog a few months back called It's a Fashionable Life. It is a lifestyle blog, where we write about fashion, beauty, food, travelling... pretty much everything!!

And since we post about fashion and beauty a lot, and lots of those posts are by me, I pretty much had two blogs about the same thing. I was always coming up with double the ideas about the same subjects. And I also have my personal texts and my random stuff blog, plus my two YouTube channels. So it was a lot!!
And it didn't make sense that I was doing the same type of posts in two different blogs, plus doing beauty/fashion videos on YouTube!

So, after lots of thinking (cause honestly this blog has been my baby for so long and I loved every moment of creating and working on it), I decided that I should focus my energy on my new project.

I'm very thankful for the time I spent writing here. I've always loved blogging, and this blog has been one of my biggest passions for a good time now.

Maybe someday I'll decide to come back and write here, but for the time being I figured it didn't make too much sense and it was too much work for just one person.

But hey, you still get to read my posts every Wednesday anyway!! Only now, you'll read them in It's a Fashionable Life! And with a plus: you also get a post by Cate every Saturday!!!

To all of you that have read this blog, thank you. It means the world to me.
And I hope you'll go over to It's a Fashionable Life and keep on reading my posts!!
If not, still, thank you very much.

So this is in no way a goodbye!! I'm only changing homes ;)

It's time to start a new journey. And in order to that, I have to leave some things behind. But I won't leave you guys!! Or the beautiful memories I've received from writing in this blog for so long.

Thank you all. I love you <3

And before I go, here's a song that's perfect for this moment:

OK, I'll finish this post now :)

See you at It's a Fashionable Life!!

Hearts Hugs and Kisses

Ella <3


  1. i also once quitted my blog! but recently start again
    feel free visit my blog:
    i will appreciate it!

    1. Well I guess I didn't quit, I just changed venues ;) Of course I'll check it!! :D