Monday, May 28, 2012

May Favourites 2012!

Hey guys!

I decided that I'm going to start doing monthly favourites, so I hope you guys like it!

BTW I'll probably soon start doing actual beauty and fashion videos on youtube so here my channel: For now I don't have any beauty or fashion videos but I'll have them soon! Mean while you can check my covers and tell me what you think ;)

Ok, let's start with the favourites!!


This month I only have one favourite clothing item, which is this shirt from Zara that I've been wearing a lot! When I'm in a "rock and roll" vibe, I put on this top, some denim shorts and my combat boots and I feel like a rocker ;)

Skin Care:

I also only have one item and this is my all time favourite moisturizer! It's Uriage's Hyséac MAT. It keeps my skin moisturized and mat through out the all day!


For makeup, I have some items. The first one is my all time favorite mascara: Maybelline's One by One! For an entire review, check this post:

The second and third items are two lip glosses from Essence's Marble Mania collection! They are super cute, they smell really good and I love how they look on my lips! The peachy/orange one it's called "Peach and Mix" and the pinky/coral one it's called "Coral Whirl".

 My last makeup favourite it's a lipstick from MAC that I got in the beginning of May and I've been wearing and loving it since then! It's the Viva Glam Gaga I :D

Nail polish:

I actually have two nail polishes and both are Essence's Colour 3 nail polishes, which kind of makes them 6 nail polishes in 2!!! The first one it's called "A Walk In The Park" and the second one it's called "Boys Are Back In Town".


For body, I have two favourites: a body moisturizer (called "Touch Of Heaven"), which I love because it moisturizes my skin very well and it's smells super good, and a shower foam (called "Fujiyama"), which I love because I like it's consistency, how it feels on my body and it's smell! They're both from Rituals.


This month I've been loving the "Exotic Guava" body splash from H&M (because it has a very summery scent).

And I've also been loving my Essence eau de toilette from the Urban Messages collection. It's one of my all time favourite perfumes!

Non-beauty favourites:

This month I only have two non-beauty favourites, and they're both songs.

We Are Young (covered by Alex Goot, Tiffany Alvord and Luke Conrad) 

And One More Time by Wellington.

Ok guys, so that was it for my first favourites post :D

I hope you liked it!! Leave a comment saying if you would like to see more of these posts every month and, also, tell me what YOUR May favourites are ;)

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Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Colour Yourself: 2012 Spring Can't Live Withoit Tangerine

Hey guys!!

This is my 3rd "Color Yourself" post! This one's about the hot Spring colour this year: Tangerine!!

It's the must have colour to have in your closet this year's flower season!!

In clothes, bags, accessories and even makeup, this is the colour you can not miss!


There are many many dresses in this colour this season (since it IS the colour of the season!), so here are just some of the ones out there!
The first two ones are the casual ones, one is short (Forever21) and the other one maxi (Asos).
The other three ones are more on the dressy side (first two are from Zara and the last one is from Forever21):


Here are some tops (all from Forever21) that show you how you can wear this trendy colour with many different styles and still look good and fashionable!

This is a great way to transport the season colour into the nautical style!!

This is the way to go for those who are girly and flower lovers!

This is a perfect way to incorporate lace into your style and keep on using the colour of this season!

The last top is for the girls who are casual and simple but still love a pop of colour!



These jeans from Forever21 are the perfct way to keep it casual and fashionable on your everyday looks!

These (from Zara) are also very comfortable but can totally be glamed up with a nice black blazer and classic black pumps!


These cotton shorts (from H&M) are perfect for the fashionistas who want to be trendy even when they'r going to the beach!! The little belt makes it very nautical!

Now these (also from H&M) are great for a casual and stylish everyday look, and the best about them is that they can be dresses up to a special occasion as well!!

This pair is for the original girls!! It's the same tangerine colour, just darker. And the buttons make it look very vintage! Great for casual and dressy occasions. From Forever21.

This pair is for the girly girls out there!! The lace makes it feminine, dressy and vintage looking! From Forever21.


This beautyful skirt mixes 3 different amazing trends: tangerine (obviously), flowers and short front - low back skirts! It's very feminine and girly, perfect for a Spring/Summer date! From Forever21.

This skirt is great for going to the beach or a pool party with your friends. It's trendy and fashion, but also casual and comfortable! From Forever21 too.


If you don't want to wear this colour on your clothes becouse you're more of a funky bags girl, no problem! Here are two options. BTW my favourite is the last one becouse it has other of my all time favourites colours: coral!! The first is from Forever21 and the other one is from Asos:


This beautyful necklace brings a very vintage look to your outfits. From Forever21.

These bracelets are great to give a pop a colour to your looks! From Forever21.

This bracelet is great for the casual girls who love to layer bracelets! From American Eagle.

These beautyful earings from American Eagle are perfect for any occasion! School, party, date... whatever you want!!


For shoes, I have the three standard options: a flat (Zara), a wedge (Zara) and a heel (Steve Madden)!!



Essence's Long Lasting Eyepencil in Remeber Amber.

MAC's eyeshadow in Orange.


MAC's lipstick in So Chaud.

MAC's lipstick in Morange.

MAC's lipglass in Morange.

Nail Polish:

OPI's nail polish in Atomic Orange.

Ok, so that was it for this post!!

I hope you guys liked it!

Comment and tell me if you like these posts and what colour would you like to see a "Colour Yourself" post on!

Thanks for checing in!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Outfit Idea - Rocker Look!

Hey guys!!

This is another of my "Outfit Idea" posts!!

Oh and, BTW, the last one I posted (check here: ) featured a top from Forever21 (I think) that I saw Bella Thorne wearing on one of her Instagram photos (see the pic here: )!!!!! Idk why but I was exited with it XD haha that was random!!

Ok, so this outfit idea is for a Spring/ Summer Rocker Look!! I've been really liking the Rock and Roll style and I've been wearing it a lot these past few weeks!!
So I decided to put togheter a rocker outfit for you guys!!

Let's get started!!

Start with a simple plain black tank top like this one from H&M:

Then, layer something fun and eadgy over it (but that won't not make you very hot, since it's Spring), like this top from Zara, which I own and relly love (keep in mind the model has a whithe tank top underneath it):

For bottoms, I actually have three options: a simple one (Forever21), a crazy cool american inspired one (New Yorker) and a colourful rocker one (Asos). All very cute and into the rock and roll style:

For shoes, some simple combat boots will do!! These are Steve Madden:

For accessories, try a cross necklace and some spiked bracelets (all from Forever21):

Hair and Makeup:

As far as hair, I suggest you wear it loose and curly:

For makeup, don't forget some black eyeliner (Pencil- Maybelline's Line Express Eyeliner; Liquid- Maybelline's Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner) and some mascara to make your lashes big and bold (Maybelline's Lash Stiletto mascara). These products will give your eyes lots of definition and depth. For lips, wear a nude lipgloss (like NYX's Mega Shine Lipgloss in Sugar Pie):

Ok so that was it for my Rocker look!!!

Now go listen to One More Time by Wellington ( - my current favourite song), I love Rock`n`roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana (, Dream On by Aerosmith (, You Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless ( or any other rock and roll song you like, go out there and ROCK your look ;-)

I hope you enjoyed!! Comment telling me what other styles or occasions you would like me to do a "Outfit Idea" post on!!

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Thanks for reading :D
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