Saturday, April 21, 2012

Outfit Ideia

Hey guys!! Long time, no see!! I'm sory about that!

But I'm back and today I'll be doing another Outfit Idea post.

Today I was in the mood for doing a Spring date outfit!! So that's what I'm gonna do :D

First, start with a very simple piece with a fun and feminine twist, like this top with some lace details from American Eagle:

Then, add a romantic touch with this super cute flowery skirt from Urban Outfitters:

If it is still a little chilly, add a pretty cardigan in pink/peachy tones, to keep the romantic and feminine vibe. This one is from Foever21:

For accessories, use a feather necklace to add a little bit of a boho/ethnic feel, one pair of little and feminine studs, some simple bangles and a pretty ring (all from Forever21). You choose if you wanna wear all this acessories at the same time or just one or two. It's up to you!

For shoes, I found two options: one more casual and one more daring.

The casual ones are these white Oxfords from Steve Madden (called BANX):

The ones that go for the most daring side are these wedges, also from Steve Madden (called MANNGO):

As far as makeup, I would go with a very neutral look (brown and bronzy eyeshadows, big lashes, very neutral cheeks and lips). I would not go for pinks becouse you already have a lot of those going on in your outfit!

For hair I would probably just wear it down, straight or with loose curls, like in these pictures of Bethany, aka MacBarbie07 (check her amazing beauty and fashion videos here

So yeah, that was my Outfit Idea for a Spring date!

Hope you liked it! Leave me a comment saying what other occasions you would like me to do an "Outfit Idea" for!
So... I guess that's it!

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Thanks for reading!!

Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

With love,
Ella <3

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