Monday, April 29, 2013

Dress Like... Pretty Little Liars Edition!!!

Hey everyone!!

Ok, VIQ (Very Important Question): Is anyone else freaking out because the 3rd season of PLL is over and we have to wait until June for the 4th, or is it just me??

I doubt it is just me! You gotta love PLL!!
The mystery, the girls, the boys, the twists and turns... and, obviously, the fashion!!

Let's face it: we would give almost ANYTHING to have our favorite PLL character's closet!

Am I right or not?
Of course I am!!

Well, guess what??

I'm starting a series of four posts (not counting this one) all about each of the four main little liars: Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna!

Are you exited???

So am I!!!!!!!!!

For the next four weeks, every Monday, you'll have a new post about one of the liars' style!

I'll break down two of their outfits for you guys.

Sounds good to you??

And do me a favor: DON'T KEEP THIS A SECRET ;)

Tell me on the comments below which of the posts are you most exited about!

Remember to check next Monday for the first post.

Or I'll send A very special person after you... *wink*

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Monday, April 22, 2013

NBT: Selena Gomez's Nail Polishes!

Hey guys!
So, I decided to create a new series of post called "NBT", which stands for "Next Big Thing".
They're going to be about new products that came out recently and that should be a major success!

And what better way to premiere this new series than with a stunning new Nail Polish line, by Nicole By OPI, inspired by the amazing Selena Gomez!

All the 14 colors are fun and beautiful, and can be mixed and matched to create the perfect nail look that will suit every girl!
Btw, in the picture Selena is wearing Naturally as a base and Stars At Night in some of her nails, as a top color.

Selena it's a very light neutral pink. If you don't like to stand out too much and prefer the most discrete colors, this one is perfect for you!

Hit The Lights it's a super crazy and bright yellow, with a very pretty finish to it. If you love neon nails, this one is perfect for you!

Love Song it's a romantic soft purple. This is the one to go for if you're planning on going to that date with that boy! It passes calm and sweetness to the other person.

Naturally it's you typical pink. It's strong, but not too strong that it get overwhelming. Perfect the sweet and classic girly girl.

Spring Break is the strong hot pink of the line. If you love the pink look, but also love to dare, this is the color for you!

Pretty In Plum it's a beautiful plumy color (obviously...) with little sparkles. It's amazing for the daring, bold, but girly girl!

Scarlett it's a beautiful reddish pink with purple undertones. It's my favorite out of the colors! It's daring and fun, but feminine and girly! Love it!!

Stars At Night is one of the sparkles. It has thin "spaghetti" looking sparkles in silver and multicolor. It will make any nail color stand out!

Mi Fantasia it's a concentrated blue glitter nail polish. It features dark blue, lighter blue and some multicolored glitters. It's pretty perfect for a GNO I think!

Kissed At Midnight it's a metallic gold round sparkle. It's very classy and pretty. Nice to spice up any nail polish color.

Confetti Fun it's just a party in a nail polish bottle! It has multicolored glitters of very many different sizes and shapes! Super playful!

Heavenly Angel is probably the most unique of all the nail polishes of the lines. It consists of little "chucks" of  glitter in this very distinct white platinum like color. It's really really beautiful!

Sweet Dreams is a blue glitter nail polish, with some white glitter in it as well. It's different of Mi Fantasia mostly because of the shape of the glitters and the colors. It's a really pretty polish to give a little bit more a something to a nail look!

Inner Sparkle is the last glitter of the line. It has a pinky purple round glitter and small gold glitter. It's very feminine and fun!

And those are all the nail polishes of the line!

What do you think?
Do you like them?
What's your favorite?
And what's your least favorites?
Are you as in love with the names as I am??

Let me know!!

Also, let me know what you think about these "NBT" posts! Do you want more? Is that any special product you think I should do one of these posts one?
Tell me!

Thanks for checking the post!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dress Like... Debby Ryan!

Am I the only one in love with Debby?

I love her voice, her acting skills, her personality, the way she always seems so mature and down to earth... and, of course, her fashion!

She has always a very classy, yet fun and original look to her. Edgy and flirty at night, sweet and comfy during the day!

So today I decided to do a post on how two get two of her looks: a casual look for the day, and a spicy look for the night.

Here they are:

Comfy and Cute

Her outfit in this picture is simple and classic, but really cute. She looks effortlessly beautiful, which is the look most girls try to get on an everyday basis. And does she look good on the top of the Empire State Building!

  • Start by finding the right neutral pair of pants, like these light camel ones from Tilly's.

  • Then, find a nice and pretty electric blue top with some simple but fun details. Try this one from Raxevsky, with a really fun back.

  • Now, find a nice dark brown leather jacket, like this one (

  • Then, find some killer knee-high brown boots! Try these awesome boots I found in

  • To finish off the look, all you need is a fun bohemian looking necklace! Try one of these (1st and 2nd - Forever21; 3rd -; 4th and 5th - Vanessa Mooney).

And you're done!! Comfy, cute, simple and boho! Great look for school or a shopping day!

Let's go, GNO!

This is what I like to call a perfect outfit for a girl's night out! It's sexy and flirty, but still simple and elegant, with a grungy edge to it. Debby was wearing a long silver necklace and a yellow necklace, which gave the outfit a pop of color (really smart choice!).
She wore this outfit to her friend Victoria Justice's birthday party (btw, Victoria looks amazing on that dress!).

  • Start with the pants. Debby has these really flattering leather pants on. To achieve her look, try these from Asos.

  • For the top, she chose a very edgy looking graphic tee. We can find tons of these in every store! Try one of these (the 1st is from Urban Outfitters and the other ones are from Forever21).

  • For shoes, Debby has these really cute withe heeled sandals. I couldn't find ones exactly like the ones she has on, but I found these ( which are pretty similar. The only difference is that they have studs (I actually I like these better), so I figured it was ok.

  • To finish off the look, Debby has a red shoulder bag, a long chain silver necklace, a thick yellow necklace and a silver ring. The bag I found is from Target, the necklaces are both from Forever21 and the ring is also from Forever21.

And you're ready to have fun with your girls!!

And that was it for this post guys! Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for checking the blog!

What other celebrities would you like to see me doing these type of posts on?
Tell me on the comments!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Trends 2013

Hey guys!

Today's post is all about my favorite season: SPRING!
And some of the fun and crazy fashion trends this season has for us this year!

And the best thing is: there's a lot to choose from!
This season there's a trend for every girl!

Here are some of the best trends of the season:


Structured Skirts:

This is a really big trend right now! Peplum (Forever21) is a must, but geometrical cuts (Asos)are also starting to show on the runways!

Tailored Shorts:

Designers (Diane von Furstenberg) or lower brands (Zara), they all have at least one pair of this type of shorts in their know Spring/Summer 2013 collection. There are tons to choose from!
They're a must-have for any fashionista.



The lace trend has been up for a while now, but trust me, it ain't going anywhere! From dresses, to shirts, to shorts, to shoes... Everything!!

Here are two really good examples: a really pretty coral lace top with a peplum detail (Forever21) and a very feminine lace dress (Forever21 as well).

Lightweight Leather:

Leather is another trend that's here to stay! But, since it is Spring so it's hotter outside, it has to be thinner, or we would suffocate!

Some fun options are this really nice see through top with leather sleeves (Asos) and these nice and flowy leather shorts (Zara).



Huge trend for this season! Either in black and white or colorful pieces, it's always there! 

Who said chess was boring? Well, not for the fashion world!

Try these red and black pants from Windsor, or this really fun Nasty Gal shirt.


Another really fun trend to play with! Thick or thin, neutral or colorful, stripes can be your best friends!
Besides, some specialists say that horizontal black and white stripes make you look thinner! Pretty good right?
Try this really fun New Look top with a heart cut out on the back or this really pretty black and white party dress with a red detail on the shoulder from ModCloth.


And here's the Spring typical mark! The flowers bloom in nature... and in our clothes!!

A nice proof to that are these two really nice pieces: a flowy top with a cut out in the back (from Topshop) and a really pretty skirt (from Asos).



Bright color just scream Spring and Summer!
They make you feel the heat like no others can!
And they're super fun to play with! You can try many different things, like really fun and feminine lacy dress from ModCloth, or these really cool jeans from Asos.

Black and White:

Simple and classy, always looking good! That's what this trend promises.

But, depending on the style of the piece, it can also look very urban.
To a super classic style, try these amazing pumps from New Look. But if your style is more on the urban side, then try this cropped long sleeve top from Topshop.


These are always my favorite colors to wear during the Spring time.

It's almost like you can feel the warm breeze running through your face, just by looking at them!
Try something fun, like these multicolored jeans from Nasty Gal, or something feminine, like this really pretty bikini top from River Island.

Emerald green:

The color of the year takes bigger proportions this season. It's everywhere!!!

From clothing, to jewelry, to makeup, to nail polish... Emerald everything!

Here are some nice examples: this beautiful pair of earring from, or these really pretty ballet flats from Target.


Peekaboo ans Cut Outs:

Super fashionable and fun!

They can be classy (like the one on this New Look dress), or edgy (like the ones one this Asos top).
But they're always going to be super sexy!!

Exposed midriff:

Also known as: crop (or cropped) tops!

They're fun, sexy and lightweight, which makes them perfect for this season!

You can try something classy and a little more daring (like this black one with cut outs from Topshop) or you can try something a little more flowy and young looking (like this one from Nasty Gal).


4 f's: fun, feminine, flowy and flirty!

Perfect for Spring!
Try something bright and sophisticated, like this dress from ModCloth,or something a little more bohemian, like this skirt from Pull&Bear.


Statement Sunglasses:

Fun for you face!

These can be your best friends! They'll make any outfit seem more festive and fun and, besides that, protect you eyes from the sun! 2 in 1! Perfect!
Try something in neutral colors (like these black ones from Nordstrom) or something daring and fun (like these colorful ones from Forever21).

Makeup and Beauty:

Strong Brows:

This was the major beauty trend in every runway! All the models had statement, defined, strong brows.

To achieve the look, try using something like the Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit or the Benefit Brows A-Go-Go Brow and Eye Shaping Kit.

Blue Liner:

Another major trend, blue liner is an amazing way to spice up any makeup look! Plus, it flatters pretty much any eye color!

For pencil liner, try the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil  in Cool Down. If you prefer liquid liner, try the Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Radium. If you're more into gel liner, then try the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Cobalt Ink.

Bright Lips:

If you want to dare and have fun with color this Spring, why not do it on your lips?

Try a hot coral (MAC's lipglass in Impassioned) or a neon orange (MAC's lipsctick in Morange).
You'll love it!

Pale Nails:

This trend is becoming very big right now! 

Pale nails are taking over every girl's hands!
To get the look, try Essie's Nail Polish in Allure or Chanel's Nail Polish in Emprise.

And that was it for this post guys! I hope you all enjoyed!!

What's your favorite Spring trend this year?
And what's your least favorite?
Let me know on the comments!!

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