Monday, May 6, 2013

Dress Like... PLL Edition - Aria!

For the first post on my "Dress Like... PLL Edition", we have Aria Montgomery!

Her style is bohemian, edgy, really fun and daring.

She wears lots of skulls, studs, mixed patterns, bold jewelry, crazy pieces and a lot more!
She's never afraid to be daring and different with her style.
And she also looks girly and elegant at all times.

Honestly, sometimes I'm don't even know how she can pull it all off! But she can!!

And now, you can too!!

I chose two outfits to recreate, one for everyday and one that will be perfect for a fancy date night with that special guy. Or, for all the single ladies, an elegant dinner with your girls!

Here they are:

Fun Daytime Outfit:

This outfit features two of Aria's favorites things: mixing patterns and combat boots! Polka dots and stripes are hard to mix, so if you're looking for a way to do it, this is the perfect outfit for you! The fact that they're "far away from each other" helps, so the mixing won't be so overwhelming, and the use of black and white in both patterns has the same effect.

  • Start by finding a pair of dark denim skinny jeans, like these from Forever21.

  • Then find a simple all red tank top (River Island) and a loose polka dot crop top to layer over it (New Look and Forver21 - if yo choose the second one, you might need to get a couple of numbers above yours). 

  • Now, you need the black and white striped socks (Forver21)and the black combat boots (Steve Madden).

  • To finish off the look, she has a cute headband (I found these two, both from Forever21) and a really edgy silver two finger ring with skulls. The closest thing I fond was one in gold (Bank Fashion), so I decided to add two more ( Rare London and Asos).

Sparkly Nighttime Outfit:

This outfit is perfect for a date night or a fancy dinner with your BFF's. Or just any elegant occasion!

The sequined dress makes the outfit very festive, so the jacket and the booties are a bit more simple. A far as accessories, she's wearing gold hoop hearing and, probably, a small bracelet on her left wrist.

  • Start by the dress. I couldn't find one exactly like Aria's, but I found some options: the first one is from and the other two are from Alice + Olivia.

  • Then find a dark "greyish" blue jacket (the first one is from Dorothy Perkins and the second one is from H&M) and some dark blue booties with a cute detail (Piperlime and Zalando).

  • To finish off the look, all you need are the cute golden hoops and a nice small bracelet (all from Forever21)!

And that's it!!

Now you can feel totally "Ariafied"!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!

Remember to come back next Monday for Spencer!

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Hearts Hugs and Kisses

With love,

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