Monday, June 3, 2013

Color Yourself: Emerald Green, like you've never seen!

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So, as you have all already noticed, emerald green one of the most seen colors on the runways and stores!

They didn't name it "Color of the Year" for no reason!!

You can find this color on almost any piece of clothing, from dresses to pants, and lots of beauty products, from eyeshadow to nail polish!

Since it is so fashionable, I could let it pass without making a post all about this beautiful color!

Here are some of the various things you'll find:


This sheer blouse (Piperlime) is a total need on the hotter  Spring days!

The black lace details on the shoulders make this top (Mason by Michelle Mason) edgy and fun!


If you like to live life on the edgy side, then try this Diane Von Furstenberg leather jacket! Amazing!!

If you're more of the sweet girl, try this nice cardigan (Mango). Romantic and feminine.


If you're more of a girly girl, this Marc By Marc Jacobs dress with lacy ruffles is perfect for you!

For something a bit more fun, try this one with animal pattern. From Kensie.


If you love shorts, try these really cool ones from Nasty Gal! They're super cute!!

If you rather pants, try these really cute ones from Macy's.

If you're more of a skirts person, this one from Miamasvin will suit you like a glove!


If you just wanna be comfy, Converse are the shoes for you! And how fashionable are these??

If you love heels, these are a party for your feet! Sparkly and festive! Perfection!!!

For an edgy girl, these will never go out of style! Doc Martens all the way!!!


These earrings ( are classy and elegant. Instant beauty!

If you wanna have fun, why not mix and match colors?! This necklace ( has not only emerald green, but also gold and turquoise blue.

If you're a ring lover, this is the perfect way to rock this trend! On

Let your wrist shine with this beautiful bracelet ( Btw, silver looks really good with the emerald green!


If you're more into makeup, try the Make Up Forever Aqua Cream Waterproof Cream Color in Emerald Green (loving the name... haha). It will last you all day and will make your eyes the main focus!

If you want to make your eyes pop, but don't want to go all out with eyeshadow, try eyeliner! The Milani Mechanical Glitter Eye Liner in  Emerald Stone is a great choice!

Last, but not least, if you want to rock emerald green on your nails, OPI's Nail Polish in Rainforest is an amazing pic! Ready to rock those emerald nails? You go girl!

Makeup Bonus:

If you wanna know how to get a totally awesome looking makeup look using this color, watch my tutorial!! I'm sure you'll love it!

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