Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prom Dresses!!

Hello everyone!

Well, it seems like the Prom season just got here! And with it, the hunt for the perfect outfit!! So, I decided to do a Prom "series" for you guys! I'll start with dresses, then shoes, acessories, hair and makeup!
So today I'll be doing the dresses!!

The perfect Prom dress can make the perfect night!! So, I'm going to show you some of my favourite options!!

I separated the dresses in 5 different categories: the black dresses, the white dresses, the feminine dresses, the long dresses and the original dresses! Each categorie has two dresses!

So let's start!!

First, the Black Dresses:

The first choise is your standard LBD, with a fun twist (mostly becouse of the back). Its' the tipe of dress that will make your shoes, makeup and acessories stand out! This one is from Forever21 (making it the perfect choise if you want to save money on the dress):

The second option it's also a LBD, but with a lot of glitter, which makes it original and more "promish", but still gives you the option to choose a very crazy pair of shoes!! It's also from Forever21 (again, perfect if you rather splurge on the shoes):

Ok, now the White Dresses:

A white dress is another way of letting your shoes, acessories and makeup pop! But it's a more feminine and (sometimes) daring way of doing it! Just like this beautiful laced dress from Windsor with an amazing cut:

Now, this second dress is way more daring and crazy, but very pretty! It's also from Windsor:

Feminine Dresses:

The first dress of this category is very simple but still feminine and very pretty! Another option for the girls who don't wanna make the dress the center of her outfit! Also from Windsor:

Here's another very faminine and girly dress for the girls who love to dare!! It's beautiful and will turn all the attentions to it! Again, from Windsor:

Long Dresses:

Long dresses are a synonym of a classic and elegant look! To show that, I picked this very classy red dress (from Windsor) that brings you right into a Hollywood red carpet:

Then, to prove that long dresses can also be original and modern, I picked this blue and pink strapless dress that makes you look elegant and daringat the same time! From Windsor, also:

Now into our last category, Original Dresses:

These two dresses are for daring girls only!! They'll make you the main focus of the night!! The first one (from Windsor) it's a dress for fairy lovers!! It's very girly, feminine and daring! It'll make you th center of attetions:

The second option (and last dress) is for the gir who likes to shine! Literally!!! Also from Windsor:

Ok, so those where some ideas for prom dresses!! I would really suggest for you to check Windsor (from where the biggest part of the dresse are) for some very originl and beautiful dresses (link: ).

I hope you enjoyed it!!

Expect the next "Prom series" post soon (shoes)!!

Comment below telling me when is your prom and which one of the dresses you liked better!!

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Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

With love,
Ella <3

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