Sunday, April 1, 2012

Product Review

Hey guys!

Today I'll be reviewing Essence's Stay With Me lip glosses.

I have two of this glosses:

"candy bar" (my favourite), which is most of a coraly hot pink colour.

and "trendsetter", which is a hot pink.

I completely LOVE this glosses!! They're kind of like a liquid lipstick couse they're super pigmented!

Plus, I love the brush!!

The middle part is perfect for a uniform application on your lower lip, and the top part is great to colour your upper lip without any smudge!!

If you're more of a discrete girl, I would suggest to go with "me and my Icecream" (for a pink), "my favourite milkshake" (for a peachy coral) or "deep rose" (for a more violet tone).

If you're more daring, but still don't wanna go all out, I would suggest "candy bar" (for a coaly pink) or "trendsetter" (for a hot pink).

If you are on a bold mood, I would suggest  "kiss kiss kiss" (for a darker hot pink) or "hottest pink" (for a totally perky look!).

To sum it all up, I really love this lip glosses and I strongly recommend them!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!
Tell me in the comments what other products you would like me to review.

Hearts Hugs and Kisses

With love, 
Ella <3

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