Monday, April 23, 2012

Prom Accessories!

Hey guys!

This is the accessories part of my "Prom series" :-D

I've also divided it in categories: necklaces, rings, bracelets, clutches, hair acessories and earrings.
Each category will have 3 items.

Let's start!


This first necklace is very simple and classy! Perfect for complementing a very bold outfit! From Clair's:

The second is for the feminine ladys! Girly and pretty! From Forever21:

The last neclace is for the bold girls! But it's still in a neutral colour, so you can wear it with lots of colour! From Forever21:


The first ring is just a black and gold ring that will match any outfit you wear! From Forever21:

The second ring is for the colour lovers! Original and classy! From Forever21:

The last ring is for the girly girls out there! Classic and feminine! From Forever21:


The firts bracelet is for the girl who only wants a simple detail to put her outfit togheter! From Clair's:

The second one is for the girl who loves black but still wants to be a little original, using some colours. Also from Clair's:

The last bracelet is for the girls who love colour but wanna wear it in a subtle way! Again, form Clair's:


Clutches can be a girl's best friends when it comes to Prom! They're fashionable and they make sure you have everything you need for the big night (lip gloss or lip stick, eye liner, a little mirror, phone and some money)!

The first one is for the simple, feminine and girly girls! From Clair's:

The second one is for the daring girls who are not afraid to show some colour! From Forever21:

The last one is for the girls who like to rock!! Pretty, classy yet rockin!! From Forever21, also:

Hair Acessories:

Hair acessories can completly change a look or just add some "classyness" to it!!

The first one is for the black lover! Perfect for the girls who like the "rock chic" look! From Clair's:

The second one if for the girly girls!! Very pretty and cute! From Forever21:

The last one is for the glamorous girls who love a classy look! From Clair's:


The first pair is one you can never go wrong with! Diamond studs!! From Clair's:

The second pair is also classy and simple but a little bolder! From Clair's also:

The last pair is for a girly and feminine girl! From Forever21:

Ok so that was it!!

I hope you liked it!!

Comment telling me which accessories you like the best!!

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Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

With love,
Ella <3

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