Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Interview Ready!

Hey guys!

So, most of you (if not all of you) probably don't know this, but I'm currently taking a gap year between high school and college.

And some of my goals for this gap year are getting a (part-time) job somewhere and get into some agencies (not that I want to be a model or anything, but it would be good to have some more experience in the entertainment world and such, since that's the world I want to be in professionally someday).

To accomplish this, I have to attend a LOT of interviews!!

That left me with a pretty big problem: what to wear!!

You see, the thing is, I am one of those people you can say have a severe case of "baby face", and since my usual style is pretty chill yet a bit crazy and unique, on an every day basis I look about 2 or 3 years younger then my actual age.

Most  times I really don't mind, I don't really feel bad that I look younger.

But when you are trying to get a job... well let's just say it does make things harder!

So my choice of what to wear as to be a lot more picky. I can't just use my baggy shirts and funky sneakers! It doesn't look professional at all and it makes me have a very "16 year oldish" vibe that doesn't help me at all!

So I had to rethink my choices of every day clothing and add a little more "finesse" into it!

Here is my staple, foolproof, interview outfit:

To start of, some dark wash or black jeans are probably the best option! They go with everything, give you a classy look and are very comfortable. They should be very simple, without any rips, big embellishments or loud patterns, because those give a more youthful look, which is not the goal.
I this this pair from Asos is a great choice!

For you top option, blouses are the best! They're classy and feminine, and, at the same time, they make you look very put together.
You can go for the simple white blouse, or the sexy black version, or you can have a bit more fun and go for a soft color or add some detail, with lace, per example.
I wouldn't recommend very bright colors (like yellow) or certain patterns (like bows or hearts), because they'll give you a younger feel.

For shoes, you have many different options that will work very well!
If it's a bit cold, you can always go for some boots! Higher boots or booties, whatever you rather wear. But I do recommend they have a little bit of a heel, to make them look less casual.

If you're on the fancy side and you are comfortable with heels, then some simple kitten heels or some nude pumps can be a good choice for you! But make sure they are comfy and you are confident walking on heels.

Last but definitely not least, if you're into flats but you still want to have a chic feel, I recommend some loafers or oxford flats! This is probably my favorite option, because they are very comfortable and simple, yet they have a very classy look to them
You can always go for ballet flats, but they do have a youthful feel to them, so I wouldn't suggest that.

For outerwear, I recommend one of my all time favorite pieces: a blazer!
It's honestly one of the items I wear the most out of my entire closet! No matter what you are wearing, a blazer always adds that bit of class that every outfit needs!
Depending on you preference, you can go for a neutral black or nude (I love the nude one because it has little bit of lace on the sleeves, making it a bit more feminine and interesting);
Or you can have fun with it a try a colored blazer (soft or strong color, whatever you like!).
I love to play up with blazer colors and fits, because no matter what it'll always be an element of class and "chicness", so you can have fun and express yourself with it!

For makeup, simple and classy is the perfect look. Some nude eyeshadows to contour your eyes and make them a little more intense and defined, a nice coat of mascara to amp up your lashes and a nude glossy lipstick will do the trick!

And that's that!! Interview ready at all times!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it is helpful for you, right now or sometime soon!!

Let me know what you favorite items were and what items you would add to the list on the comments!

Hearts Hugs and Kisses

With love,

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