Monday, April 22, 2013

NBT: Selena Gomez's Nail Polishes!

Hey guys!
So, I decided to create a new series of post called "NBT", which stands for "Next Big Thing".
They're going to be about new products that came out recently and that should be a major success!

And what better way to premiere this new series than with a stunning new Nail Polish line, by Nicole By OPI, inspired by the amazing Selena Gomez!

All the 14 colors are fun and beautiful, and can be mixed and matched to create the perfect nail look that will suit every girl!
Btw, in the picture Selena is wearing Naturally as a base and Stars At Night in some of her nails, as a top color.

Selena it's a very light neutral pink. If you don't like to stand out too much and prefer the most discrete colors, this one is perfect for you!

Hit The Lights it's a super crazy and bright yellow, with a very pretty finish to it. If you love neon nails, this one is perfect for you!

Love Song it's a romantic soft purple. This is the one to go for if you're planning on going to that date with that boy! It passes calm and sweetness to the other person.

Naturally it's you typical pink. It's strong, but not too strong that it get overwhelming. Perfect the sweet and classic girly girl.

Spring Break is the strong hot pink of the line. If you love the pink look, but also love to dare, this is the color for you!

Pretty In Plum it's a beautiful plumy color (obviously...) with little sparkles. It's amazing for the daring, bold, but girly girl!

Scarlett it's a beautiful reddish pink with purple undertones. It's my favorite out of the colors! It's daring and fun, but feminine and girly! Love it!!

Stars At Night is one of the sparkles. It has thin "spaghetti" looking sparkles in silver and multicolor. It will make any nail color stand out!

Mi Fantasia it's a concentrated blue glitter nail polish. It features dark blue, lighter blue and some multicolored glitters. It's pretty perfect for a GNO I think!

Kissed At Midnight it's a metallic gold round sparkle. It's very classy and pretty. Nice to spice up any nail polish color.

Confetti Fun it's just a party in a nail polish bottle! It has multicolored glitters of very many different sizes and shapes! Super playful!

Heavenly Angel is probably the most unique of all the nail polishes of the lines. It consists of little "chucks" of  glitter in this very distinct white platinum like color. It's really really beautiful!

Sweet Dreams is a blue glitter nail polish, with some white glitter in it as well. It's different of Mi Fantasia mostly because of the shape of the glitters and the colors. It's a really pretty polish to give a little bit more a something to a nail look!

Inner Sparkle is the last glitter of the line. It has a pinky purple round glitter and small gold glitter. It's very feminine and fun!

And those are all the nail polishes of the line!

What do you think?
Do you like them?
What's your favorite?
And what's your least favorites?
Are you as in love with the names as I am??

Let me know!!

Also, let me know what you think about these "NBT" posts! Do you want more? Is that any special product you think I should do one of these posts one?
Tell me!

Thanks for checking the post!

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