Saturday, March 17, 2012

Product review

Hey guys!

Today I'm gonna be reviewing another mascara. But this time it'll be L'Oreal Telescopic.

I love this mascara so much!!

It makes my lashes look super long and full.

The only thing I don't love about it is that is doesn't separate my lashes as well as Maybelline's One by One mascara does (check my review on that one here: ).
Besides, it leaves my lashes feeling a little more hard then with Maybelline's mascara.

But I still like it a lot, mostly becouse of it's brush (which is the only thing I kind of prefer, comparing to the One by One mascara) couse it's very thin, which makes it easyer to get to root of the lash and to use it on your bottom lashes.

Over all it's a very good mascara and, since it is drugstore, it's also very affordable, which makes it even better!

Ok so I guess that's it for my review! Comment telling me what other products I should review and what's you favourite mascara.

Hugs Hearts and Kisses

With love,
Ella <3

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