Sunday, March 18, 2012

Outfit Idea

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to start someting new here on my blog! So I decided to start a new "series" of posts that I like to call Outfit Idea, where I'll pick a style or event and I'll create an outfit idea for it (I'll include the store where you can get each piece, as always).
And, at the end, I might just give you a few tips on hair and makeup, so stay tuned to that ;-)

Ok so today, since spring is coming,  I'm in a mood for a casual and "Springy" everyday outfit (prfect for school)!


For the bottoms I choosed this very cute pair of jeans in this very feminine pastel purple. Casual and trendy! From Forever21.


So, for the top part of the outfit, I choosed two items: a flowery colourful top from Urban Outfiters

And a little pastel pink jacket, becouse it might still be a little cold in the beggining of Spring. From Forever21


For the shoes, I choosed this very simple but pretty pink flats, that match jacket. Also from Forever21.
Hair and Makeup:

For the hair, since it is Spring, I thought about a nice and feminine fishtail braid (very fashionable), like the one on the next pic.

For makeup, I would recomend for eyeshadow, any of the new Essence Marble Mania eyeshadows

For your cheecks, this very pretty MAC blush called Frankly Scarlet.

Finally, for the lips, the new MAC Viva glam Nicky Minaj lipstick is a must-have for a totally Spring look.

So there was my idea of a fun, girly and casual outfit for Spring, that's perfect for school!

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Comment below telling me what styles/events you want me to do a Outfit Idea on.

Hearts Hugs and Kisses.

With love,
Ella <3

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